I, Peter (Piet) Joubert belong to the generation of baby boomers born in the late nineteen forties at a place with the name of Sabie, district of Pilgrims Rest in the Eastern Low Veldt of South Africa. Pilgrims Rest is famous for a gold rush when more than 1000 diggers flogged to South Africa in 1873 where fortunes were made and lost.

Prospecting is in my blood and my quest is to dig for the truth in all realms of life. I am not satisfied by the ordinary but searching for the miraculous, the exceptional and thinking contrary to common belief. I am disciplined and curious. Born under the sign of Gemini enables me to do multi tasking and switching modes required for educating adult people using various media. For the past 17 years I have has been running a management consultancy. I love modern technology which makes world wide communication possible. I am an enthusiastic road cyclist participating in events around 100km distance. I  believe that limits and boundaries people are facing mainly come from their own minds.

I  have a degree in psychology and post graduate degree in advanced organisational behaviour. I strongly believes in lifelong learning and also that much of what we have studied is history by now and obsolete.

I want to share my quest for making things understandable with people who are eager to get things done in a professional but simple way. My current mission is to help people making a living as entrepreneurs in a changed world.

My business values are integrity and honesty.

I live in Pretoria, South Africa with my wife and youngest son.