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How to be a successful entrepreneur


Caution – your job may disappear

There is a good chance that your job will disappear; how to make a plan. You can’t be sure of your job!Nobody is certain of a job anymore. So who are coming for your job?...

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Want to find a coach or guru?

How to find the right coach for you The world is technologically complex today.  In many instances we make use of experts. The more complex the world, the more dependent we become on experts...


Action and the Law of Attraction

The release of the film “The Secret” in 2006 caused worldwide interest in the Law of Attraction. It states that everything one wants or needs may be accomplished by believing that one will receive...


You An Entrepreneur?

Why do small businesses fail? A shocking number of small business start ups fail! Is there a method or process to ensure that prospective entrepreneurs will be successful? There are a number of good...