Do You Live or Exist?

Oscar Wilde once said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people exist, that is all.”

Is it ok just to be able to pay the bills and now and then have a holiday? Do you have the freedom to make your own choices, or are you dancing to the tune of all the authorities in your life? Your boss, the bank manager, your husband or wife. Many people repeated the same activity year after year until retirement in the name of job security and consistency. After retirement many soon realise that the savings, pensions and retirement annuities are just adequate to cover 25% of their financial needs.

If you want to break out of mould that constrain you and start living I hope to give you assistance with this blog.

In the past many people relied on an organisation to build a long career.  Today this is mostly something of the past.  The world of work, as we know it will never be the same again! Many people are forced to work as entrepreneurs because there are simply not enough formal employment available. In order to live and exist a new way of thinking and working is required.

There are many reasons for entrepreneurship. Some people left their 8 -5 jobs to follow their passion in life.  Many baby boomers found a second career after retirement. Some people are just forced to be entrepreneurs because of a lack of formal employment. Successful companies and businesses think and operate in an entrepreneurial mode.

Information & knowledge

The availability of information and the new social network channels changed the way in which we live and work. Information is not available anymore to large organisations, the rich and privileged. It is available to people who know how to connect to available networks. Knowledge is the capital of the world. Those who know how to can replicate projects and successes anywhere in the world. Lifelong learning is a fact of life. But do we know exactly how people learn? Many graduates complete college and university qualifications without being really competent. Teaching and learning is not the same thing. Today there are many learning opportunities available on the Internet.


Boundaries according to country, region and city have shifted. By means of e-mail, the social media (Face-book & Twitter) people have associates and friends all over the world. There are many international reciprocal investments. China have massive investments and interests in the USA. Should the two mega countries become enemies a war according to the twentieth century style won’t be feasible.

Adding value

There are many examples of prosperity in the world. Obviously some of it fool’s gold. Throughout the ages we know that the  financial world is driven by fear and greed. Remuneration and rewards should come as a result of value added.  Many entrepreneurs don’t do it for the money but for the fun.

The challenge

All the challenges and issues I have mentioned demand a new style of  living, working and learning. I hope to assist entrepreneurs creating products and services in a process aimed at adding value that their customers will love. I want to help you finding your way in a new era and world, also assisting you achieving all the things you have ever dreamt of that are actually within your grasp!

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