Resource Requirements For A Project

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5 Responses

  1. Indrek says:

    Thanks a lot for referring to our free resource scheduling software Yutiti. A week ago we gave Yutiti a facelift and Yutiti is now Ganttic. Please go and see what’s new at .
    We plan to launch a number of exiting new features this year.

  2. Jide Awe says:

    Thanks for this great article, Piet. Without resources we can’t achieve much. We must manage our resources the best that we can. As you say, “Resources are the means we use to achieve project objectives”.

  3. Planner says:

    The drawing pretty explains all about resource management. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Martin says:

    Operational staff are the people actually doing the job in each of the project centres. These people are in the best position to identify problems, constraints or issues relating to current job costing budgets and to advise financial personnel of requirements for future budgets—to help prioritise resource needs for the next project stage. They should be included in consultative processes for advising on cost information when formulating budgets.

    Could you please assist and comment on this statement and the implications for expense in the organisation?

  5. Piet Joubert says:

    Thanks for the comment Martin. It is true that one should consult people with appropriate experience and information re job costing. The ability to do accurate estimation is also important. If your job coating is out it could have implications for cost overruns or underspending. Earned value management (EVM) is a good tool to determine where you are in terms of expenses, time and what you really have achieved.

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