We provide information, training, and coaching to help  managers and executives to grow, develop and to be more successful in their professional and personal life.

Over the recent past we have conducted training workshops and facilitation in the Middle East and Africa. I attach brochures below of the in-house courses. You can download them as PDF documents. If you are intrested call me by phone or send an E-mail so that we can make arrangements for the workshop that you are intrested in. The course fee is affordable because we have low overheads but excellent and practical content.

We specialise in project managment, problem solving and decision making and also strategic, sales and business planning. Download the available brochures or contact me direct for more information but no obligation, Piet You can also call me on cell 0027 834172907 or landline 0027 126547546. Our time zone is GMT +2.

Roman officer to machine gun merchant "go away can't you see we are busy with a war"

Roman officer to machine gun merchant “go away can’t you see we are busy with a war”

Many people are so busy with their work and operations that they never make an effort to upgrade their skills and competencies. Many of us make the same mistake as the Roman officer in the picture above. How different could your outomes be with better skills, comptencies and tools?

Piet Joubert performs coaching that is totally focused on eliminating all the barriers to productivity, results, and success that challenge your business and life. You will get more than information but also assistance on helping you take the best business ideas available and actually IMPLEMENTING them in a carefully structured and scheduled way.

The program is based on personal coaching sessions and access to an on line learning and coaching platform. You will have interaction through live sessions and forum discussions. Contact Piet to arrange and qualify for a free coaching session. During this session we will explore your current situation and determine the results you want to achieve. You will an opportunity to decide whether you want to join my coaching program based on this experience.

Brochures you can download

Innovative problem solving and decision making for senior and middle management

Thinking skills for executives and managers. A customised training programme for senior executives.  You will most probably recover your course investment in the 1 month by cost savings and better decisions.

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Construction project  managment

Enabling construction project managers and engineers to understand all the key aspects of construction project management to execute projects on time, within budget to the required scope and quality.

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More brochures will be uploaded shortly


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